Rattler Television Network

Back to the Future for Rattler Television Network!
This fine art elective at LeFlore Magnet High School allows students access to:
-learn broadcasting
-learn and explain development of networks and -cable television
-know safety hazards associated with sound and -audio equipment
-speech and clear diction
-appropriate interview questions
-writing, producing, performing
-studio operations
-recognize proper television script writing format
-create commercials
-learn about and create public service -announcements
-produce the senior video
-photo editing
-advanced production
Rattler Television Network Logo
TV Productions student

The Mobile County Public School System Television Network is a department of the school system and works along with the Office of Communication in directing the flow of information from the central office to other divisions, the schools and the community. The MCPSS TV Network broadcasts these educational programs and allows students and school system employees to assist in the production and reporting of the stories. The MCPSS TV Network also plays a support role for the Television Production classes offered at LeFlore Magnet High School. The Television Productions classes broadcasts its announcements and all other programs on WLHS, Rattler Television Network, through LeFlore Today. The Rattler Television Network of LeFlore High School passed its recent BIC review. This review is part of the Career Technical Education guidelines for this program's certification.

TV Production students will return to their former facility for the 08-09 school year.  Back in 1988, the busy studio schedule of the MCPSS TV Network e it difficult to share space with the LeFlore TV Production classes.  So the classes moved across the hall to their own studio.  Although the program enjoyed many successful years in Studio B, it was much smaller and did not allow for larger productions.  When the MCPSS TV Network moved to their new home in the Central Office last spring, Rattler Television moved quickly to return to the larger Studio A.  Congratulations to the Rattler Television Network.