Course Sequence

10th Grade:  Marketing Principles

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of in-depth marketing concepts.  Students will develop a foundational knowledge of marketing and its functions, including marketing information management, pricing, product and service management, entrepreneurship, and promotion and selling. Students examine the need for sales and marketing strategies. Students practice customer relationship skills, ethics, technology applications and communicating in the workplace.

11th Grade:  Digital Marketing

This course is a one-credit specialized course designed to introduce students to digital marketing techniques, tools, and methods, including email, websites, applications, social media, and other electronic means. This course focuses on how to develop and conduct digital marketing campaigns. Emphasis is placed on creating, implementing, and critiquing online advertising, email marketing, websites, social media, mobile marketing, search-engine optimization, video and images, podcasts, webcasts, and creating and repurposing content for use in digital environments.

12th Grade:  Sports & Entertainment Marketing

This course is a one-credit specialized course designed to offer students an opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills related to the growing sports and entertainment industry.  Sports Marketing addresses such diverse products as the sporting event itself, its athletes, sports facilities or locations, sporting goods, personal training, and sports information.